Performance Coaching Services

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Performance Coaching

We coach individuals, couples and teams to achieve self-fulfillment through personal and professional ‘success’. We feel that “Coaching is about making wishes, visions and desires possible and encouraging people to find out what they really want… Ultimately, see where you want to go and get there!” We work over the telephone or internet. Many clients prefer telephone coaching due to its flexibility. After the initial 1 ½ to 2 hour session, coaching usually lasts 1 hours. Sometimes ‘taster sessions’ are available free of charge to enable you to experience coaching first hand. This is where you see how we help you define your objectives then achieve your desired outcomes through your own creative solutions. But, you are the one that makes it happen. We just share your journey with you; think of it as holding your hand. Your new found skills can then be transferred to many aspects of your work and home life to ensure fulfillment and balance.

“We’re all familiar with Team Coaching with regards to sports, the same principle applies to Executive Coaching and Life or Personal Coaching.  Coaching can also be used during times of transition, when you move jobs, homes or when you child leaves for university.  In the latter case, Coaching can be beneficial for you and your child!” says Clare.

Many people are unaware of what coaching can do for them.  In reality, the majority of clients think in terms of a specific problem, however, although this may be addressed, your core values and underlying needs may only become apparent during your coaching sessions. To facilitate this, open-ended, flexible sessions are provided that follow a loose structure.

Here are the benefits:

-You know what you really want
-You know how to get it
-You are encouraged to move forward


What’s available?:

  • Coaching for balance in your life
  •  Fulfillment coaching
  •  Life or personal coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Success’ coaching
  • Coaching for entrepreneurs
  • Leadership/management coaching
  • Coaching to identifying your personal brand
  • Transition coaching
  • Examination success coaching
  • Decision-making coaching