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Primary Care Counselling  more info
Primary care counselling works along side a variety of primary care physicians including General Practioners by providing counselling care that promotes health, disease prevention, bereavement support, and injury recovery.

Family & Relationship

An online video connection helps the counsellor to assess and help the client to resolve troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress within a family, or a couple. Short term counselling may be between 1 to 3 sessions sometimes longer, whereas long term may be between 13 and 24 sessions.

Primarily focused on drugs and alcohol related addictive problems, counselling builds and strengthens a commitment and resolve to stabilize, maintain and recover from debilitating compulsive patterns of behavior. Both individual and group approaches are available.

Personal Emotional
A broad range of personal counselling is provided by professionals that draw from a rich variety of specialization. Online sessions provide support for both crisis intervention and an ongoing process of personal reflection and growth. Age and Gender neutral and culturally sensitive, the service makes the ideal counselor<->client match based on counselor specialization and client issue/needs.

Career & Life Coaching  more info
Online support and collaborative counseling develops and supports an achievable, focused approach for success.

A premium service that provides an assessment of a client's circumstances so that they can better choose from a range of counselling options. Recognizing that counselling is often a daunting and sometimes difficult path to choose, our assessments are conducted in a caring and understanding manner by professionals trained to recognize the best course of action based on the needs and circumstance of our clients.