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  • Injury and Counselling
    Injury and Counselling

    Injury is a common occurrence that can often leave us feeling down. Obviously a sudden lack of mobility and inhibited functioning can be damaging to our happiness. A friend of mine once suffered a ligament tear to his knee. He said

  • Children Sent Away For Care.
    Children Sent Away For Care.

    A recent article states that children are being sent 150 miles from care when quality counselling support can be provided online! The Guardian report that recently appeared clearly indicates the acute problem of patient access to . . .

  • Can We Multitask?
    Can We Multitask?

    The problem is, we think we can. And with the access to mobile and portable devices, the problem is increasing. We think we can sit in a meeting and pay attention to what`s happening while checking our email. We think we can send a