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    Representing a range of specialization in the field of counselling, psychotherapy and psychiatry, our world-class counselling team has the expertise to address a whole range of clinical, legal, personal, professional issues.

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  • Never Thought of Professional Online Counselling?

    Online counselling and professional counselling services have the advantage of having quick and targeted results without the often lengthy wait times. Getting anonymous and professional services or counselling support in a timely and effective manner is an avenue ideal for those clients with busy schedules, prefer the anonymity of an online consultation, or located where traditional counselling is simply unavailable.

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    Support Network Online provides anonymous and professional services reaching clients directly at home or office. Services include, Family & Relationship Support, Personal Support, Addiction Counselling, Career Coaching, Abuse Counselling, Psychological and Psychometric Assessment.

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Family & Relationship counselling seeks to bridge difficulties that arise in our most crucial of life relationships. Our counsellors create a caring and supportive process to clarify, build and support individuals and their inter-relationships.

Addictions counselling builds and strengthens a commitment and resolve to stabilize, maintain and recover from debilitating compulsive patterns of behavior. Both individual and group approaches are available.

Individual Counselling includes a wide range of services that our online counsellors are trained to address from the proactive orientation of Sport & Performance consultation, and Corporate Leadership coaching, through to support for Personal Emotional difficulty.

Assessments conducted in a caring and understanding manner that provides guidance in choosing the optimal course of counselling.

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On Line Counselling Solution

Counselling services are increasingly difficult to find and even harder to access. Online services will not replace traditional pychiatric practice, but with the use of modern streaming video technology, an effective outreach is here for those who need an effective solution quickly.

psychology services

In many cases brief and focussed therapy can provide the support an individual needs to overcome a temporary life crises. whether a divorce, loss of employment, a death in the family or other life trauma, an alternative to long term counselling psychotherapy can be an effective support for those wise enough to access help during a time when they most in need.

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Getting referal to psychitric services is often a difficult process. An online solution is effective and confidential. Results of a structured assessment process conducted by fully qualified psychiatric professionals will support a objective referal process.

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Online counselling is an emerging practice. Especially useful for clients not able to access tradtional services.

Accessing counselling services is often a lengthy and intimating process. Support Network Online reaches clients right away from the comfort of their home.

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  • You no longer need to feel isolated and cut off from much needed relief from pain suffering because therapy has not been available to you. Support Network Online can bring highly qualified professionals right into the privacy of your own living space. It’s a simple click away.

    Dr. Linda Morse, MD, DPM, FRCP(C), ABDA Psychoanalyst

  • For many years, I was housebound because of fears about leaving home. Support Network Online offers me an opportunity to continue to speak regularly with a wonderful therapist who has helped me to get to the roots of my fears and opened the world to me again. Online counselling won't replace my regular therapy, but I'm so glad it's an option for me now.

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